5 ways to style your space for Christmas with Twinkly lights

5 ways to style your space for Christmas with Twinkly lights

Bring on the Christmas cheer and make it the most magical time of the year

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‘Tis the season to decorate! Whether you are looking to embellish a house, an apartment or a small office setting, Christmas lights are both festive and functional, enhancing the entire tone of your surroundings. You’ll find a style of lights to bedeck any object or space, large or small, with Twinkly’s wide selection of indoor and outdoor lights and pre-lit decorations, all of which can be personalized with colored effects to match your desired aesthetic.

Let your creativity shine: Discover 5 extraordinary Christmas LED light products and how to use them for a spectacular holiday vibe.


#1 Pre-Lit Regal Garland: Be merry & bright

Twinkly Regal Garland

Set a merry scene with a designer feel. This stunning artificial garland featuring prepositioned Twinkly LED lights is perfect to embellish your mantlepiece for an instant air of holiday warmth and welcoming.

The elegant Regal Garland takes the guesswork out of decorating with a plug and play design: Just position it in any indoor setting, attach to a power source and connect using your smartphone. Made from high quality PVC & PE, the garland offers a realistic, lush look year after year, and like all Twinkly products, it displays infinite animations and effects and can be grouped with all Twinkly. This item is recommended for indoor use only.

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#2 Flex: Holiday wall art

Twinkly Flex

Set the scene for Christmas with holiday-inspired, illuminated wall décor. Twinkly Flex LED tube glows with neon-like energy and instantly adds a vibrant splash of festive excitement to your environment. It can be easily stylized and flexed into a tree-shaped outline, or any form you desire for that matter. Once you’ve decided on your Christmas tree light design, use the included mounting kit to secure the Twinkly LED light tubes onto the wall. The final effect fits with any color scheme thanks to the personalizable, vibrant and sparkling effects and animations available with the Twinkly app.

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#3 Light Tree 2D: No space? No problem

Twinkly 2D Light Tree

Make a practical yuletide statement that guarantees holiday cheer in any space with Twinkly Light Tree 2D. This smart LED flat Christmas tree takes up zero floorspace, making it the perfect solution for those who have small living areas or want to spruce up all corners of their home or office for Christmas with their favorite jolly hues. The modern lighting design is quick to install, easily hanging around doors or on walls with the included adjustable straps. Since it’s also designed as an outdoor light, you can even hang it on your front door for home decoration.

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#4 Strings: Light the way with strings

Twinkly Strings

Beyond traditional Christmas tree lighting, string lights seamlessly infuse Christmas warmth and fairy spirit into any space. They easily wrap around handrails and balusters to transform ordinary stairways and balconies into enchanting pathways and retreats with festive flair. They can also be paired with garlands for ornamental design on banisters and mantlepieces. Choose from Twinkly multi-color light strings, which display colorful animations in 16+ million colors or Gold & Silver Edition Strings which cast ethereal gold and silver effects that sparkle in tones from warm white to cool white and all hues in between.

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#5 Icicle: Channel wintery vibes

Twinkly Icicle AWW

Get in the jingle-bell mood with north pole energy no matter where you are. Icicle lights transform your home into a winter wonderland fit for Saint Nick. Ideal to hang along rooflines, awnings, overhangs and windows, the beloved, classic Icicles can also be hung from ceilings – both indoor and outdoor, like porches, lanais and roofed patios - to tell a festive story while illuminating your home with captivating Christmas effects. Make sure to measure any spaces you wish to decorate and compare measurements to the “lighted length” of the LED string lights so that the wire isn’t pulled too tight or hung too loose as you install the Christmas lights.

The Gold & Silver edition of Twinkly’s Icicle lights creates an especially fairy, wintery and wondrous scene and sparkling frosty effect.

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Make it unforgettable with Twinkly

Thanks to patented technology, Twinkly lights can be mapped any way you place them using your smartphone camera. This allows you to display and infinitely personalize your ideal Christmas effects and animations with just a swipe from the app. Thanks to the LED lights’ ultimate versatility, you can change the color palette to adapt to your decoration or transform your ambiance at any time for any mood. 

Don’t forget that all Twinkly’s LED lights can be grouped for synchronized or larger installations and connected to Twinkly Music for a festive light show that dances to your favorite holiday music.

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Stay up to date

Download the latest gradients, patterns, and animations from the Christmas effect gallery in the Explore section of the Twinkly app. Whether you envision kaleidoscopic joy, Christmas tradition, or ethereal elegance, you’ll find a theme to fit your style.