Light Up the Game with Twinkly for Euros 2024!

Light Up the Game with Twinkly for Euros 2024!

How to decorate with smart LED lights that display your national flag

It’s game time with the Euros 2024! For many, it’s an amazing occasion to host friends and family at home to watch the match. The weather is warm, excitement is in the air, and everyone is ready for a great time. It’s also a great opportunity to use your outdoor space, for example a yard, patio or porch, and add smart lights. Whether you are having a small gathering or hosting a big backyard barbecue to watch the games, Twinkly Smart Lights are here to make every match shine with ultimate energy and team pride.

Make the most of your outdoor space to enjoy these action-packed evenings outside. Plan your viewing area so your guests are comfortable enjoying food and beverages while having a great view of the screen. Keep the energy going by decorating with Twinkly smart LED lights, the only deck string lights that can be mapped to play precise patterns and designs. For the European football championship 2024, Twinkly has designed 24 stunning flag animations for you to digitally wave on your lighting display, shining the national spirit of each nation.

These extraordinarily vibrant, outdoor lights are incredibly simple to set up and can be controlled with a tap of your smartphone screen. All you have to do is position your LED Lights and connect them to the easy-to-use Twinkly app which guides you through the quick process of creating a virtual map of your display. The outdoor string lights are so versatile, you can leave them up all summer season for personalized illumination day after day.

Read on for suggestions on which lights to use and where to hang them for the ultimate outdoor LED light installations to light up the game.


Create the ultimate viewing venue for friends and family

Hang Twinkly Festoon overhead and watch your national colors dance over your evening. Twinkly Festoon smart lights are ideal to string over seating areas or over your whole yard. Weave the smart LED lights through a pergola or use them to line the eaves of a covered patio. Just make sure they don’t block the view of the screen. Festoon lights also look gorgeous along perimeter fencing. With the right tools, like hooks or zip ties, they can be easily and safely secured.

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Hang Twinkly Curtain over blank walls or windows and watch your favorite nations flag dance on the screen-like display. It can be hung from a patio overhang, adding stunning positive energy to negative spaces. Twinkly Curtain is also great for hanging on deck railings to illuminate the background of your evening. For a denser LED lights effect, place curtains on top of each other and map them together to act as one by using the Twinkly app. Another amazing feature of Twinkly Curtain is that it can be used as smart gaming lights for those who love to play football on their PC year-round. They seamlessly sync to gameplay thanks to powerful gaming integrations and screen mirroring features. 

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Wrap Twinkly Strings around greenery, bushes, hedges, even railings and support beams. They can be placed just about anywhere. The denser the smart LED light placement, the more screen-like your display will be. These smart deck string lights can be used during the year for sparkling fairy light effects that give your yard or patio an enchanting atmosphere.

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One of the most exciting features of Twinkly smart lights is that they can be linked together to play as one single display or synchronized to play the same effects, enveloping your entire space in the game-time atmosphere.

Once you have decided on where to hang your string, festoon or curtain LED lights, there are a few important things to consider before you install them: Make sure to measure the space you will be illuminating so you have enough lights to cover your layout. Check that you have the necessary tools to secure your lights, like hooks or nails, and that you know where the outdoor power outlets are located to connect and turn on your smart lights.  Click here for a step-by-step guide to setting up outdoor summer lights.


Show your team spirit with your nation’s flag

After your lights are connected and mapped by the app, it’s time to ignite the evening with team spirit. With the Twinkly app, you can customize existing effects in the Effect Gallery. Just open the effect that you would like to play and tap “edit”. This will show you all the customizable parameters of the effect, including the color. Choose your nation’s colors and press play for the animation to start.

You can also create your own effects from scratch to represent your team. In the Effect Gallery, tap on the icon in the top right corner to open the FX Wizard. Choose from present designs from the Twinkly app and personalize them with the colors that match the nation you support. The smart lights instantly reflect your team pride and the thrill of a win.

Get ready for kickoff by checking out Twinkly’s EU flag designs in the Twinkly app.  For the Euros 2024, Twinkly has created an exclusive selection of 24 flag animations, one for each country. Access the Explore Section of the Twinkly app by tapping on the compass in the bottom center of the screen. The flags can be downloaded through the special article dedicated to the Euros 2024.

Don't miss out on the chance to light up the game with Twinkly smart LED lights. Embrace the Euros 2024 spirit and make every match unforgettable with vibrant, customizable outdoor lighting that celebrates every goal and victory. With Twinkly outdoor lights, every match becomes an emotion, and your team pride will be on full display.

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