Shape retail spaces with creative smart illumination

Shape retail spaces with creative smart illumination

Twinkly Plus shines light on the consumer experience with innovation in decorative and ambient smart LED lighting

In the world of shopping centers and retail, ambiance is everything. It's not just about the brands or interior design, it's also about how the space is illuminated. Let’s look at the impact of LED lighting installation on public spaces and different ways that Twinkly Plus can optimize color, lighting effects, and customization. We'll even touch on ways to recreate the professional and commercial lighting setups of shopping malls in home spaces.


Why lighting is so powerful to shopping malls and public spaces

Commercial lighting is more than just a practical necessity, it's a visual language and a powerful tool that can transform the perception of a space. Since poor lighting can lead to a lackluster, uninviting ambiance, negatively impacting the overall shopping experience, it’s important to invest in quality lighting that can be customized at any time.

Set the mood

Commercial lighting plays a crucial role in shaping the atmosphere, influencing the mood of shoppers, and enhancing the overall vibe. In luxury shopping centers, lighting is carefully curated to create an inviting and luxurious atmosphere. Unique and well-planned lighting designs can also contribute to brand identity. 

Capture attention

Smart lighting can also be used creatively to capture attention, highlighting architectural features, accentuating specific areas and seamlessly guiding shoppers through spaces. Different effects or dynamic elements can enhance the appeal of a specific store or public area, including large installations and merchandising displays.


Twinkly Plus: Professional-level smart lighting has never been easier

Twinkly Plus, programmable smart LEDs, bring professional-level lighting to your fingertips, guaranteeing color vibrancy and personalized effects in over 16 million colors, including a warm white tone. This line of LED lighting is specifically designed for indoor and outdoor large-scale settings, from large housefronts to storefronts, shopping centers and small public spaces. (For anything bigger, check out Twinkly Pro). 

Customizable and extendable smart LED lighting

After positioning lights, connect them to the Twinkly App, which uses your smartphone camera to map the position of each LED light. It’s an easy, quick process that gives you control over your lights. Choose from presets, customize or design your own visual effects. You can also control brightness. 

Twinkly Plus features a unique controller that has 4 ports and supports up to 1000 LEDs for commercial lighting. You can mix and match Twinkly Plus lights on the same controller and group with other controllers to design synchronized displays of up to tens of thousands of LED lights. 

Currently available in the Plus family are Twinkly Strings, Icicles, Curtain, Dots & S14 bulbs. Choose the format that best fits your setting. 

Made-to-last design

The Twinkly Plus collection is IP65 certified to resist weather and wear throughout extended use. If you’re decorating outdoor courtyards or storefronts, the weatherproof design guarantees creative custom lighting season after season.

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Tips for designing smart lighting in retail spaces

Smart commercial lighting for shopping centers and retail experiences involves combinations of brightness, color, effects, and, most importantly, customization. 

Brightness matters

Adjusting the brightness of LED lights is a fundamental aspect of smart lighting design. In public areas and shopping centers, it's necessary to find the right balance. Overly bright lights can be harsh on the eyes, while insufficient brightness may result in a dull and uninspiring atmosphere. Smart lighting systems offer the flexibility to customize brightness levels based on the time of day or specific events.

Customization for every occasion

Colors have the power to evoke emotions and set the tone for a space, enhancing its overall aesthetic. Smart RGB LED lights can be adjusted to match the occasion. Whether it's a festive celebration, a product launch, or a seasonal promotion, the lighting can be tailored to enhance the overall experience. This level of customization adds an air of exclusivity to the experience, creating memorable moments for shoppers.

Animated lighting effects

Smart lighting systems offer dynamic lighting effects that can transform the ambiance instantly. With Twinkly smart LEDs, you have complete control over your lights and can program sequences or gradient effects that add an extra layer of sophistication. For example, color shifts can indicate different sections of the shopping center and can make a significant impact.


Recreating the experience at home

Now that we've explored the key elements of smart lighting design for malls and shopping centers, let's see how you can bring this level of customization and layering into your home decoration.

Choose smart lighting

Smart lighting systems provide the flexibility and control needed for complete customization. Twinkly’s smart LED lights for consumers allow you to adjust brightness, color, and effects through the Twinkly smartphone app. 

Choose decorative lighting that works in harmony with your functional lighting, for example accent lighting to showcase architectural features or artwork. Twinkly offers a range of different lighting.

Create scenes for different moods

Use the customization feature to create different moods for various occasions. Whether it's a cozy movie night, a lively event, or a calm reading session, having preset scenes makes it easy to transform your space effortlessly.

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