How to decorate your terrace or balcony with outdoor lights

How to decorate your terrace or balcony with outdoor lights

Creative terrace design ideas to transform your outdoor space
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Summer is the perfect time to transform a terrace or balcony of any size into a unique and inviting outdoor paradise. Whether you plan to entertain guests, relax with a book, or enjoy a meal under the stars, let your ideas flow as you decorate and perfect your cozy outdoor oasis.

Maybe you have finally decided to decorate your terrace or maybe your existing outdoor lights need a refresh. Whatever the reason, it’s never too late to create the space of your dreams and let your terrace shine with its true potential. Add personality and functionality with some comfortable seating, lush or flowery potted plants, and a table. Consider including an umbrella or pergola if you have space. Once your furniture and greenery are in place, it’s time to incorporate a magical touch all around with decorative outdoor lighting.

Decorative smart summer lights can make all the difference in the ambience of both large and small outdoor spaces. Customize the atmosphere using different color animations with just the swipe of your phone, experimenting with different themes to add pops of color until you find one that feels right.

Give your space extra depth with a layered lighting effect by combining different types of outdoor summer lights. Mix patio string lights with curtain lights and decorative plant lights to create areas of interest. The combination of various summer lighting styles will make your space seem larger and more versatile.

With stunning outdoor lighting effects, a terrace becomes an extension of your living space, perfect for enjoying the fresh air on summer nights. Here are some creative ideas to help you decorate with vibrant and customizable lighting.


Create ambiance with Twinkly Festoon

Twinkly Festoon string lights inspire relaxion. They are also known as bistro lights, café lights, globe string lights or market lights. No matter how you call them, these beautiful strings of LED lights set the scene for relaxion, festivity or romance… you decide how to use them. String them above a terrace seating area or your entire balcony to cast magic on your evening. Weave the patio lights through a pergola if you have space or consider installing poles to hang them overhead if needed. Choose the summer color effects and gradients that reflect your mood.

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Decorate windows with Twinkly Curtain & Mini Caps

Twinkly Curtain instantly adds a layer of coziness to your terrace, turning it into a warm and glowing space. It’s perfect for hanging on windows and overhangs. Curtain lights are also great for decorating railings, creating a cascade of dynamic light effects. Like all Twinkly lights, multiple Curtains can be grouped together to act as one using the Twinkly app.   The LED curtain is perfect for playing animations and gradients thanks to the screen-like layout. Choose from 2.1 x 1.5 meters (210 LEDs) or 3 x 2 meters (400 LEDs). 

Transform your Curtain with brighter dimension using Twinkly Mini Caps,  bulb-shaped covers for your LED lights. With a 1.5 cm diameter, they magnify light diffusion and give curtain lights a creative look. Simply slip these sleek little spherical caps onto your Twinkly LEDs for light that is 150% more diffused. They almost look like mini festoon curtains, perfect for any occasion.

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Weave a magical story with Twinkly Strings

Twinkly String lights are the ultimate classic for a reason. They offer the most versatility and can be used almost anywhere. Weave them around your plants, flowers or potted trees. Wrap them around railings if you have them. You can make them twinkle like fairy lights or play vibrant patterns in any color. You can also use Strings with Twinkly Mini Caps to magnify the lighting effect.

Twinkly has different lengths available, from 8 meters (100 LEDs) to 48 meters (600 LEDs). Lights can also be virtually grouped together to function as one using the Twinkly App.

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The smartest outdoor summer lights

With Twinkly decorative smart lights you can customize the mood using different color animations with just the swipe of your phone using the Twinkly app.

Twinkly lights are the only smart mappable lights, so no matter how you hang them, you have complete control over the LEDs and the precise patterns they play. By mapping your Twinkly summer lights, you unlock a whole world of customizable effects. It’s a simple process that only requires you to aim your camera at your LED light display and frame the setup. The app does all the work in locating each LED and creating a map of it on your smartphone screen. Afterward, you can customize effects and animations, even creating your own from scratch.

The Twinkly app also gives you control of timers and brightness and the possibility to program personalized playlists of effects. You can control and organize all your Twinkly indoor and outdoor lights from the app, as well as sync them, group them and set permissions so your even your guests can play and create effects.