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Revolutionizing smart lighting

Who we are

Twinkly is a brand created by Italian tech company Ledworks, a market leader in smart lighting. Just years after its 2016 launch, Twinkly has already become a global brand, revolutionizing the world of decorative lighting with a range of technologically advanced, patented, and award-winning products.


Our journey

The start of Twinkly

Ledworks was founded in 2016 by a group of pioneering entrepreneurs with a background in hardware design, software development, and the marketing of digital products.


Gaming integrations

Twinkly has taken gaming to the next level by giving gamers immersive audiovisual experiences through light and software integrations. And this is just the start: Twinkly is busy designing tons of other cool products with gamers in mind.

Twinkly pro

Twinkly for business

We created our PRO line with businesses and professional lighting installations in mind. Our lights have been used to decorate famous locations and landmarks, including the buildings of Italian seaside village Portofino, the facades of department stores Rinascente in Florence and Turin, and Badrutt’s Palace in St. Moritz.

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