Twinkly's exterior solutions


Don't limit your fun

The Twinkly outdoor range is all weatherproof and hence perfect for all those outdoor parties and BBQ events. Even during the festivities, they add a magical charm to your façade, bringing more joy to your happy moments.

Set up in a flash

Wrap your lights around furniture and plants, drape them from balconies, hang them over tables and dance floors, and easily configure them via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Customize your layout

What makes Twinkly so unique is that each single LED light can be mapped and controlled individually, making for incredibly colorful effects and animations.

Create endless effects

The Twinkly App gives you complete control over your lights so you can choose and edit default effects, design your own, and create playlists.


Throw the ultimate seaside party

The feel of sand between your toes and the sound of waves crashing on the shore are what make beach parties so magical.
Twinkly adds that extra-special touch with the ideal lighting for dancing the night away.


Your dream backyard getaway

When the sun sets and the sound of laughter mixes with clinking glasses, Twinkly steps up
the fun with lights that will make everyone want to stay up past their bedtime.


Groove to the rhythm of music

The Twinkly Music smart USB-powered microphone interprets ambient sounds and music, making your lights dance and change colors to the beat of your music.

Very versatile. It can be used for many different holidays or occasions.

- Der

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