Directly connect Twinkly to your Smartphone

Each Twinkly device can develop its own Wi-Fi signal that allows it to talk to your smartphone.

Direct connection is available both for Generation I and Generation II devices.

Check that Wi-Fi networks are activated on your smartphone.

Go to your smartphone Wi-Fi settings
Check the list of available local Wi-Fi networks.
Scroll down through the list and select the network emitted by your Twinkly device, showing as “Twinkly_XXXXXX”.
That’s your Twinkly! Select this network and wait until the connection is established.

Only for Generation II 

Type the Twinkly  Wi-fi password: Twinkly2019

Open the Twinkly app

Now the Twinkly app can find your Twinkly.
Access the effects gallery to try them all! Edit the pre-set effects or create new effects from scratch.

In this moment you have a Direct connection between your smartphone and your Twinkly.

On the controller you can see a steady, green light on.

No internet connection is available in this status.

In Menu > Devices > Twinkly_XXXXXX > Network: the network is named as “Direct”.


What could you do with a direct connection to Twinkly?

  • Apply Effects:
    you can apply, edit and create new effects.
  • Mapping your LEDs:
    Once placed the lights on your tree, access the “Layout” menu to create new layouts through the mapping. This procedure allows the app to understand where the LEDs are located and give the right input to the lights to get perfect effects on custom shapes.
  • Rename your Twinkly
    To make things easier, you can rename your Twinkly now. If you add others over time you can identify them easily.

To manage more than one Twinkly from the same smartphone and to access internet while using Twinkly, you need to manually link them to a local Wi-Fi network.

What’s more, when Twinkly is connected to the Wi-Fi network, you can create Twinkly groups and control Twinkly remotely using devices like Google Home.


Note: Once established the Wi-Fi connection between your Twinkly and your home router, Twinkly will run independently from your Smartphone.

Reset your Twinkly  to change Wi-Fi network and/or estabilsh a direct connection between your Twinkly and your Smartphone.


* California Law password change
   According to the recent California Law, the default password needs to be changed after the first use, in order to avoid other people taking       control of the lights