Music Sync

Twinkly effect can be Music Synced.

Generation I
Twinkly uses the smartphone microphone to pick up the sound.
Select one of the gallery effects that can be music synced (not all the effects has this feature), play it in the preview mode and tap on the Music icon.

The app will start stream to the lights the effect edited accordingly to the sound around you.
You have to keep the app open and running.

Generation II
Generation II controllers has an embedded microphone able to pick up the sound.
Select the effect you prefer, tap on the music icon and tap on “Apply”.
The controller will pick up the music and will continue to do it even if you close the app.

This function is temporarily available only for iOS device, update for Android devices is due on the last week of November 2019.

Microphone calibration
For a better music experience you can calibrate the microphone:

Access the setting menu and tap on Microphone calibration.
The first setting is to establish the base level of noise around you, it’s named Silence level, or simply: silence.

Once calibrated, play some music close to the controller and observe the lights. Move the selector from Min (left) to Max (right) to adjust the sensitivity of the microphone to the sounds.