Scene Group Step by Step Procedure

“Scene” type groups are groups of lights arranged on extended scenarios. This type of group allows only 2D mapping enabled.


  1. Access the “Devices” menu
  2. Add all Twinkly devices to the same Wi-Fi network.
  3. Make sure they are all on, marked with the Green status icon.
  4. Select all the devices you want to add to the group
  5. Select the “SCENE” group type
    • Camera – perform a Joined mapping of the whole scene
    • Vertical – Select single devices from the Higher one (IE: top of the tree) to the lower one (Base of the tree).
    • Horizontal – Select single devices from the left to the right.
    • Recommended: Perform the mapping of each individual device PRIOR to include it into the SCENE group
  6. Give your group a name.
  7. The group will appear in the device list.

(*) for vertical and horizontal scene groups you have to create a layout for each single device (best prior to create the group).