Best smart lights for your gaming room: Twinkly Squares vs. Flex

Best smart lights for your gaming room: Twinkly Squares vs. Flex

Which of these app-controlled LED lights best fit your gaming setup

When it comes to gaming, the right lighting can make a world of difference. Twinkly smart lights sync to your gaming to display the same vibrant colors you see on your screen in real time. They make any kind of gaming a magical, emotional experience. But before you invest in gaming décor, it’s important to understand how different types of dynamic lights contribute to your immersion and set the mood for your entire journey.  

First, consider the atmosphere you want to create in your gaming room. Do you want backlighting? Or a lighting display that makes a statement? Then, think about the space you have for decoration. Measure the surface you want to cover and make sure you have enough lighting to cover it. Do you have a desk or setup to illuminate? Or do you have wall space for a screen-like display? 

You’ll also want to take your power outlet location into account. When it comes to hanging smart lighting on walls, it’s always a good idea to place your lighting display near a power outlet since you’ll want to hide the power cord. 

Let’s look at two of the most versatile, customizable and dynamic lighting displays out there, loved by gamers and non-gamers alike: Twinkly Flex, flexible smart LED tubes and Twinkly Squares, smart LED panels. While both devices shine in 16 million colors and can be grouped with any Twinkly light set to act as one giant LED lighting display, there are a lot of different functions and features to consider.



Freestyle neon-like, smart LED tube

Twinkly gaming flex

 Twinkly Flex is a lightweight, neon-like LED light tube that can be shaped any way you want. It infuses any room with individuality and epic energy, perfect for smart LED lighting enthusiasts. Bend it into any form, even your favorite character or symbol, for the ultimate personalization and artistic statement. This dynamic wall decoration comes with an easy-to-use mounting kit to help you create your design. 

This app-controlled LED lighting display looks amazing as it adds a creative and functional layer to your experience with ultra-vibrant, high-tech effects that illuminate your space with the same colors as your in-game environment and mood. Read about Twinkly gaming integration.


You’re the artist

Twinkly Flex Artist

Twinkly Flex comes with templates for wall decorations if you need some inspiration to decorate your gaming room. The included mounting kit features small transparent plastic clips that fix your Flex into smooth curves and straight lines. The clips fix to the wall with the adhesive backing and/or screws. If you need more clips for your display, you can purchase a separate Flex Mounting Kit.

The LED tube light is available in lengths of either 2 meters (6.5 feet) or 3 meters (10 feet). Use more than Flex one to create an extra-large display and use the app to group them to perform as a single device. 

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Pixel perfect smart LED light panels

Squares screen mirror

Twinkly Squares modular smart LED light wall panels act like pixelated screens to flood your room with lighting effects that react to gaming in real time or, thanks to screen-mirror capabilities, become an extension of your monitor to put you in the game.

Create the perfect Twinkly Squares lighting display on an empty wall above or around your screen in your gaming room. Depending on your preferences and gaming integration style, Squares can either flood your room with the colors on your screen or mirror the image on your monitor in real time, becoming a pixelated extension of the game.


Build your gaming display

Twinkly Gaming display

With 64 LEDs each, the sleek and modular panels act like pixelated screens to display any creative content, enhancing your gaming experience. Build your layout by connecting 1 master tile with up to 15 extension tiles, for 16 panels. Twinkly Squares can be positioned however you like, at any angle. The important thing is the wire can pass from one panel to the other. 

The kit comes with cords and clips that connect and secure panel to panel. We recommend you secure your display to the wall using screws.

Design a lighting layout of more than 16 panels by adding another master tile and connecting it to more extension panels. Then group the display together using the app to see it act as one display. Squares can be grouped with any other Twinkly LED light sets to create an ultra-dynamic large display that acts as one.

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Create stunning effects when you’re not gaming

Twinkly beyond the game

Both lighting displays are compatible with gameplay, it’s a good idea to consider where the lights will be located and if it is a space that you will use when you’re not gaming. Often gaming rooms double as work or living spaces. Twinkly gaming lights also bring stunning lighting dimensions to any space.

Flex LED lights serve as beautiful ambient decorative lighting, offering infinitely customizable effects. 

Squares panels display images, gifs and animated wall art for infinite pixelated creativity in home decoration.  Both Twinkly Flex and Squares, you can change the display and play with the infinitely customizable effects anytime, even drawing your own designs using the Twinkly FX Wizard.


Integrate with your smart home & sync with music

Twinkly music

Both Flex and Squares are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for hands-free voice control. Squares is also compatible with Apple HomeKit.

Both LED light sets also integrate with Twinkly Music for effects that seamlessly react to ambient sounds and music in real time.