5 amazing ways to decorate your home with Twinkly Squares

5 amazing ways to decorate your home with Twinkly Squares

Easy and creative DIY wall art ideas using Twinkly’s smart LED light panels

Twinkly Square Lights offer endless opportunities for customization and personalization in your home décor with infinite app-controlled content. Whether you're looking to add a touch of elegance to your living room, revamp your home office, or create the ultimate gaming light setup, Twinkly Squares allow you to easily transform your space with creativity, color and light. These smart LED light panels are the ultimate DIY wall decoration, adding a stunning and interactive element to your interior design. 

These modular smart LED light wall panels act like pixelated screens to display images, gifs and infinite animations in over 16 million colors with extraordinary vibrancy. You can change and play customizable effects and animated art or upload gifs and draw your own designs using the Twinkly FX Wizard. Squares can be grouped with any other Twinkly LED light set to create an extended, synchronized display. 

Twinkly Squares LED light panels are the ultimate in versatility for home decoration thanks to their innovative modular design that acts as one once assembled. With 64 LED lights each, the sleek panels can be composed into unique layouts – from designer-level ideas to simple square or rectangular shapes. However you install them, as long as they are connected, they function as one seamless display for creative content and accentuate any space in your home.  

Here are 5 amazing ways to decorate your home with Twinkly Squares LED light panels.


1. Digital LED light wall art for your living room

Elevate your living room decoration by incorporating Twinkly Squares as digital wall art. Hang squares in a classic rectangle shape and transform your indoor space with mesmerizing and animated wall art that showcases your personal style, the season or your mood. It will be a captivating focal point for your guests to admire. Change the lighting display at any time or use the playlist feature in the Twinkly App to create a reel that plays your favorite effects on rotation. The timer lets you decide how long each effect stays on.


2. Beautiful LED wall decoration for your home office

Infuse energy and inspiration into your home office by integrating Twinkly Squares as wall decoration. Your environment and surroundings are essential when working. Whether focusing on projects or hopping on video calls, customizable dynamic lighting effects stimulate productivity and creativity.  Design a beautifully harmonious environment for you to focus by synchronizing your Squares display to shelf lighting. Check out Twinkly Line, the ideal smart LED light strips for any indoor furniture backlighting. Group and sync lights to play the same effects, color patterns and animations using the Twinkly app.


3. Add light and design to dark corners

Twinkly Squares are a creative solution to illuminating corners for indoor lighting decoration. They are the only smart LED lights with connectable panels that can climb from wall to wall and act as a single display. The modular design gives you the freedom to experiment with different layouts and infuse depth into your space by playing vibrant gradients or gifs. Whether it's a cozy reading nook or a dark corner, personalized lighting effects can breathe new life into any space.


4. Dynamic lighting panel designs for your staircase

Transform a blank staircase wall into a captivating interior design feature with dynamic smart lighting displays using Twinkly Squares. Instead of frames that need constant straightening, position Squares into a cascade of LED panels along the staircase, creating a sense of movement and visual interest. Whether you prefer subtle gradients or bold patterns, Twinkly Squares allow you to customize and create themes and effects that give your space instant personality.


5. The perfect gaming lights

Creating an immersive environment for your gaming room by installing Twinkly Squares above or around your gaming screen to mirror your game’s content in real time. PC gamers can use the Twinkly Screen Mirror Tool for Windows to stream their live screen content onto Twinkly Squares, elevating gameplay to another dimension. Twinkly lights integrate with all Razer Chroma™ RGB and Omen Light Studio enabled devices. For more ideas on setting up your gaming lights, click here to read about click here to read about creating the perfect gaming room setup with smart lighting.


Tips for building your display

Twinkly Squares work by connecting 1 master tile to up to 15 extension tiles using the included cords and clips, for a total of 16 panels. Squares can be positioned however you like, at any angle, as long as the wire can pass from one panel to another.  Twinkly recommends you secure your display to the wall using screws. If you want a display with more than 16 panels, add another master tile and up to 15 more extension tiles. Group the two LED displays together using the app to see it act as one display.  

Squares are also compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit for hands free voice control.

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