Twinkly’s last-minute gift guide

Twinkly’s last-minute gift guide

Impress everyone on your list with these amazing, high-tech gifts of light and creativity from Twinkly

Twinkly has the perfect gift for everyone this holiday season. We’ll help you make sure your loved ones feel special with thoughtful and creative LED lights that pack a whole lot of intelligence. 

Twinkly offers the perfect combination of light, creativity and technology with an easy-to-use, app-controlled system that allows users to design displays and experiences that are uniquely theirs. 

After all, everyone loves to personalize and beautify their space. Thanks to patented technology, Twinkly lights can be mapped any way you place them and display custom color effects and animations with just a swipe of your smartphone screen, adapting to your décor or transforming your ambiance at any time for any mood.

Discover the gifts that are sure to make anyone’s holiday special.

#1 Festoon: For that friend with the gorgeous patio

Twinkly Festoon

If you have friends whose favorite room in the house is the patio… then this is the present for them. Hang festoons above your garden or around your seating area and watch your backyard shine. They bring more ambience than regular string lights and offer creative color effects for all occasions, from evening barbecues to late-night relaxation.

Shop Twinkly’s Festoon

#2 Candies Stars: For the parents-to-be

Twinkly Candies Stars

Candies USB-C powered string lights with star-shaped LEDs are a simple and creative way to sweeten up year-round decoration in rooms for newborns and even for older children. They create a magical wonderland for the imagination and illuminate a galaxy of possibilities with customizable, app-controlled effects that can be adjusted to fit the room’s unique color scheme. The ideas for decoration are endless: place on shelves, frame pictures and string on walls. Make sure any lights and decorative elements are kept away from the reach of children.

Shop Twinkly Candies Stars

#3 Squares: For the Gamer

Twinkly Squares

Whether you know an avid gamer who already has a rad lighting setup, or a casual gamer who could enjoy a more interactive experience, Squares is the perfect gift to make them feel like they’re right in the game. These LED panels act like screens to flood the room with lighting effects that react to gaming in real time. They seamlessly integrate with Razer Chroma™ RGB and Omen Light Studio for next level synchronized lighting. PC gamers can use the Twinkly Screen Mirror Tool for Windows to reflect their gameplay in over 16 million colors. 

When users aren’t gaming, Squares can display images and effects, from pixelated art to vibrant, custom animations.

Shop Twinkly Squares

#4 Twinkly Music: For the music-lover

Twinkly Music

If you’re shopping for musicians or anyone who is passionate about music, Twinkly Music is the item you’ve been looking for. This small yet powerful sound sensor makes Twinkly LED lights dance to any music or ambient sounds. The sensor plugs into any USB-A outlet and connects to the Twinkly app via Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi. With a highly accurate BPM counter and a smart microphone that listens to and interprets noises in your space, it gives audio-reactivity to any Twinkly smart lights. 

It can be used beyond the holiday season when paired with light displays in studios or year-round home décor, both indoor and outdoor. Live musicians can even incorporate Twinkly Music and lights into their stage design.

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#5 Flex: For the design enthusiast

twinkly flex

Twinkly Flex is a flexible LED tube that generates epic, neon-like effects in your home, making it perfect for any design enthusiast you know. The tubes can be bent into any shape or figure using the included mounting kit, infusing any setting with a splash of color and excitement. 

The final effect fits with any color scheme thanks to the personalizable, vibrant and sparkling effects and animations available with the Twinkly app.

Shop Twinkly Flex

#6 Candies Hearts: For your significant other 

Twinkly Candies Hearts

Give your significant other a gift shining with love. Twinkly’s Candies heart-shaped LED strings bring pure magic to your space. Candies can easily be incorporated into everyday décor like table settings, mirrors and shelves thanks to their lightweight, USB-C powered design. They create the perfect romantic vibe with customizable color effects and animations in over 16 million colors.

Shop Twinkly Candies Hearts

#7 Dots: For the Youtuber or streamer

Twinkly Dots

For the streamer in your life, is there anything better than a personalized LED-lit background displaying infinite animations and color gradients that can be customized to their content? No matter the subject or the channel, Dots is the perfect lighting tool to add professional dimension to any set. The small, round LEDs are positioned on a flexible transparent strip. They can be used to wrap objects, frame décor, line your walls or backlight shelves all thanks to the included adhesives and ultra-lightweight design.

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#8 Lines: For the workaholic

Twinkly Lines

For the person who is always in the office (home office included), give the gift of color and light. With an adhesive and magnetic backing, these smart LED light strips are perfect to provide dynamic backlighting to desks and shelves. Let them know you are thinking of them every day with this creative décor that is sure to lighten the work vibe with its vibrant animations and color effects.

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#9 C9 bulbs: For the lover of all things retro

Twinkly C9 Bulbs

Gift the most iconic of all holiday lights to the person who loves everything retro and vintage. The C9 bulb string lights feature a traditional pinecone shape with a faceted surface for a timeless yet classic vibe. Thanks to Twinkly’s patented technology, this beloved decoration gets a futuristic makeover to display customizable animations and color effects, all controllable from your smartphone.

Shop Twinkly C9 Bulbs

#10 Strings: For the home décor guru

Twinkly Strings

The home décor guru surely has no shortage of ideas when it comes to year-round string light decoration and its potential to liven up any space. With Twinkly Strings they’ll be able to add a whole new dimension to these decorative accents. Thanks to the high-tech mapping technology, lights can be controlled with personalized effects no matter how they are positioned. From holiday to every day, the options are limitless with Twinkly.

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