Decorative smart lights shape your home, inside and out, year round

Decorative smart lights shape your home, inside and out, year round

Twinkly app-controlled lights illuminate seasons, celebrations and everyday moments

When it comes to home decoration, app-controlled, customizable decorative lighting has revolutionized the way we illuminate and interact with our spaces. Only Twinkly offers programmable led lights that can be mapped and controlled any way you place them for the ultimate versatility and creative expression. 

Lights this special don’t belong boxed up in the attic waiting for Christmas to come around again. In fact, the possibilities are endless to set the tone of any occasion, festivity, or setting.


The ultimate in flexibility & personalization

Imagine being able to adjust the atmosphere and lighting of a room with a single swipe of an app. Twinkly mapping technology and easy-to-use interface allows for precise control over the colors, patterns, and effects of lighting displays, giving you the power to craft the perfect ambiance for any event or mood in your home. Design a warm haven of calm or an electric playground of excitement at the touch of a screen.

Here are some ways you can decorate and customize any space, any time of year.



Valentine’s romance: Light it with love

Twinkly Valentine's Day

 Lighting boosts a romantic vibe for Valentine's Day. Sweetly placed LED lights create a cozy and warm glow. Smart LEDs can mimic dancing candlelight when they are set to a warm gradient effect that moves at slow speed. Use Twinkly Dots flexible LED light strips to frame your bedroom or dining area on Valentine’s Day. With Twinkly Flex LED tubes, you can design valentine-themed art to decorate your space. 

Use the app to set up a Cupid-inspired scene with custom red and pink animations and instantly make your space feel more intimate by dimming any effect. Add roses or rose petals to the scene for extra valentine’s flair.


Halloween spook-tacular: Design a frightfest

Twinkly Halloween

Transform your space into a haunted house with reality-bending effects using eerie purples, oranges, and greens. Twinkly lights can emulate spooky silhouettes, flickering candlelight, or spectral glows, even adding lighting strikes to your Halloween celebrations with unique animated effects.

Create the perfect Halloween lighting displays by hanging Twinkly Curtain over windows and doors and setting them to spine-chillingly scary or festively fun themes. Cover plants and bushes with decorative spiderwebs and Twinkly Strings to accentuate a ghostly atmosphere. Pair lights with Music (Twinkly Music required) and watch lights react to a frightful soundtrack.



Evening gatherings: Match any theme

Twinkly Gatherings and Events

Elevate outdoor get-togethers with personalized smart light displays. Twinkly lights create dazzling shows that brighten summer evenings with friends and loved ones. Hang Curtain from windows or patio overhangs to add dimension and energy to negative spaces.

Illuminate plants with light Strings and fill a large lantern with Dots instead of a candle for the ultimate ambient touch. Connect and group all devices for synchronized effects or run them separately.

If you have a theme, display effects that match. The Twinkly App offers a variety of presets that can be customized. Thanks to our patented technology, you can draw your own effects using the FX Wizard – choosing from templates or drawing from scratch using your fingertip.


Anniversary celebrations: Bright memories

Twinkly Anniversary

Make anniversary celebrations extra special with decorative lighting effects that infuse the evening with warmth and magic. Create a special lighting backdrop using Twinkly Curtain. The smart LED lights can be customized in tones that transcend seasons and settings for your anniversary. Hang lights with shimmering animations to echo a starry sky, display romantic, glimmering effects or recreate meaningful color themes from special events.

Whether indoor or outdoor, summer or winter, lights can be combined with balloons and flowers to turn your space into an elegant and unforgettable occasion to cherish.



Garden escape: Illuminating nature

Twinkly Outdoor and Nature

Show off the beauty of your yard, patio or garden with elegant and magical year-round lighting decoration. Whether looking to bring a classic look or fun aesthetic to your outdoor space, personalizable smart lights shine in over 16 million shades to fit your desired theme. 

Set an idyllic scene by using light Strings to decorate plants and line gardens, flower beds or vegetable patches. Hang Festoon bulbs above yards and seating areas to create a shining, backyard oasis in your favorite colors.


Home haven: Space to unwind

Twinkly Home Heaven

Create a haven of tranquility and infuse your indoor space with calm-vibes-only by creating the perfect ambient home lighting. Whether a living room, a bedroom, a kitchen, or a reading nook, Twinkly lights offer calming hues and gentle, soft animations, ideal for unwinding after a long day. 

With adhesive and magnetic backing, Twinkly Line smart LED light strips are the perfect solution to style bookshelves. They can also add brightness to dark corners, behind plants and under cabinets and furniture. Create custom shapes to decorate your space using Twinkly Flex. The adjustable light settings allow you to customize your atmosphere anytime and anywhere in your home.


Give light to spaces & ideas

Twinkly lights can transform any moment and any occasion into a spectacular emotion through the power of color and light. With customization technology available for every format, all you have to do is decide where to put your lights and start shaping new moments.