Matrix: Introducing the world’s highest density LED curtain

Matrix: Introducing the world’s highest density LED curtain

Discover Twinkly Matrix

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Looking for ideas to bring spectacular emotion to your gaming room, streaming setup or any indoor space? Discover Matrix, the first ever, high density app-controlled LED curtain designed for dynamic digital dimensions and immersive experiences. 

Play any content you desire on the programmable screen-like lighting display. The premium crafted design not only allows for easy installation, but also offers seamless gaming integrations and complete creative personalization for ambient effects, made possible by patented Twinkly technology. 

Let’s dive into these exclusive features and more that make Matrix the highest performing light curtain yet. 

Step into a new dimension of immersive, smart LED technology.

High density smart LED architecture


The LEDs on Twinkly Matrix are more closely spaced than any light curtain available. The 8 mm LED lights have a flat, round shape and are precisely, diagonally positioned in a masonry grid pattern to guarantee superior HD effects and fluid-effect animations. Another game-changing feature is that these smart RGB LED lights are ultra-vibrant and high-speed for fast reactivity and the purest color output in over 16 million colors. With Matrix you can feel the energy as epic digital displays transform your surroundings.


App-controlled, personalized content

Now let’s take a look at what Matrix can do. Once it’s secured to the wall, connect to your smartphone via the app and watch your display come to life. There are different ways to edit, control and create content on these customizable smart LEDs.


The Twinkly App for iOS and Android

Twinkly App

The Twinkly App is highly intuitive and offers a wide array of preset effects and animations that can be easily personalized, giving you unlimited potential for creativity. Only Twinkly offers an in-app Effects Wizard that allows you to design your own custom effects from scratch, drawing on the app with your finger as if your LEDs were a screen. In the Effects Wizard, you will also find the option to upload GIFs for your display. Thanks to the high density positioning of the LEDs, the Matrix curtain offers superior definition and graphic dynamism.


Screen Mirror Tool

Screen Mirror

The Screen Mirror Tool app for Windows streams the content of your choice from your PC onto your lights in real time. 

Create epic entertainment setups with lights that reflect the live content on your screen. You can choose to mirror the entire screen, a window or a small section. Exclusive features provide complete control over your display: Crop selections, adjust brightness, contrast and saturation, and stream onto multiple devices.


Linkable light ecosystem


Expand your setup by connecting two or more Matrix LED curtains (of the same model) together horizontally and then group them using the app. It’s a simple step that links the devices you choose so that they act as one.

Using this same feature, Matrix can be grouped with any Twinkly lights for multi-format, multi-dimensional installations and sensorial scenes.

Twinkly Music (sold separately) syncs lights to sounds in real time. Use this feature to create the ultimate audiovisual experience in any setting, from gaming, to streaming and social events.


Easy installation & sleek premium design

Premium Design

Unlike other LED curtains, Matrix’s strings are fixed to lightweight bars on both the top and the bottom for a perfectly aligned, clean LED setup and totally tangle-free use. This cutting-edge format eliminates the hassle of twisted strings and randomized LED positioning, making lighting installation easy. All you have to do is secure the bars to the wall using the included mounting kit.

The high-quality bars are aluminum-fronted with translucent backing. The final LEDs on the strings are embedded in the bars, shining through the translucent backing for a stunning ambient glow, while the front looks smooth and sleek. The parallel strings are clear and hang with no backdrop to provide a professional aesthetic for gaming, streaming, and content creation setups.

Matrix is available in two different formats to fit your dream layout. Matrix 480 is a square format sized 1 x 1m (3.3 x 3.3 ft). It has 24 strings with 20 LEDs on each string for a total of 480 LED lights. Matrix 500 measures 0.5 x 2.4m (1.6 x 7.9ft), providing a sleek and slim, wall-length format. It has 10 strings with 50 LEDs on each string for a total of 500 LED lights.


Next level gaming integration

Merge the digital with the physical with reality-bending smart lighting integrations. Connect Matrix to Razer Chroma™ RGB and OMEN Light Studio to flood your game room with the color of your every winning move in next level, visually immersive and reactive live experiences. Matrix syncs and reacts to your gameplay, seamlessly bridging your virtual experience with reality.  


Smart home integration

Like all Twinkly lights, Matrix seamlessly integrates with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for hands-free voice control.


Discover Matrix

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