Outdoor party lighting ideas for unforgettable summer evenings

Outdoor party lighting ideas for unforgettable summer evenings

Illuminate your summer party nights with customizable smart LED decorations
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When the days get longer and the breezes feel warmer, it’s time to start enjoying your outdoor living areas with friends and loved ones. Whether you have a patio, terrace, garden or pool area, make the most out of your outdoor space while the weather lasts with the ultimate smart lighting installations.

Decorative lighting can set the mood for outdoor summer gatherings and make people feel instantly welcome. With a well-planned out space and vibrant LED lighting setup, the fun can keep going well after the sun disappears. 

Let’s explore creative ways to make your outdoor space shine with smart LED lighting for summer parties and get-togethers, with a spotlight on the innovative Twinkly lights that can turn your backyard into your personalized wonderland.


Design smart outdoor party lighting for bright summer nights

Transforming your outdoor space into a haven for summer gatherings is easier than you think. By hanging smart LED lights and even syncing them to music, guests will instantly feel transported into a vibrant escape for good times and relaxation. 

Twinkly smart LED lighting lets you seamlessly control and customize the atmosphere of your space using only the Twinkly mobile app and a Wi-Fi connection. Easily and intuitively choose the colors and animations that best fit the tone and aesthetic you are trying to set. You can even create your own from scratch to match the occasion or the theme of the day. Group and sync multiple sets of lights for a coordinated installation. You’ll never host a summer party without Twinkly lights again!

When it comes to planning your lighting layout, the first thing you need to do is measure the outdoor space you will be illuminating and make sure that you have enough lights to cover your layout.  Check that you have the necessary tools to secure your lights, like hooks or nails, and that you know where the outdoor power outlets are located to connect and turn on your lights. 

Here are our favorite outdoor lights for summer nights and ideas for how to use them to set the stage for spectacular evenings spent in great company.


It’s not summer without Twinkly Festoon

When the sun sets, elevate the mood: Twinkly Festoon lights instantly bring the ultimate summer festival vibes. String them above your yard or seating area to cast magical glows on your guests, weave them through a pergola or use them to line the eaves of a covered patio. If you have a yard, Festoon lights can be hung along perimeter fences and strung over large areas by using trees as anchors.  

Twinkly Festoon is available in two lengths, 10 meters (20 LEDs) and 20 meters (40 LEDs). The 45mm light bulbs are the perfect size to shine bright and add a colorful, decorative touch without being harsh.



Twinkly Strings inspire endless creativity

Twinkly String lights offer the maximum versatility and can be used almost anywhere. They are a timeless classic when it comes to decorative summer lighting and thanks to LED technology they provide the ultimate creative touch. String them around trees or over greenery and plants to elegantly highlight your garden. They can be wrapped around railings and the support columns on a porch or patio overhang. 

Use the Twinkly app to set them to play magical, warm or cool summer shades that match your style or theme. Twinkly Strings are available in four different lengths, from 8 meters (100 LEDs) to 48 meters (600 LEDs). Check out all the details at the link below.



Twinkly Curtain brings the magic

Twinkly Curtain brings your outdoor summer lighting game to the next level. It’s perfect for hanging on windows and patio overhangs to add positive energy to negative outdoor spaces. Curtain is also great for hanging on deck railings to illuminate the background of your celebration with vibrant dimension. Group curtains together to act as one by using the app. 

Customize the color theme of your choice. Curtain is ultra-fun for playing animations and gradients thanks to the screen-like layout. You can even design shimmering effects to echo a starry sky.

Choose from 2.1 x 1.5 meters (210 LEDs) or 3 x 2 meters (400 LEDs).



Twinky Music gets your lights dancing

Bring your lights to life with Twinkly Music. This small yet powerful sound sensor makes Twinkly LED lights dance to any music or ambient sounds. The sensor plugs into any USB-A outlet and connects to the Twinkly app via Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi. With a highly accurate BPM counter and a smart microphone that listens to and interprets noises in your space, it gives audio-reactivity to any Twinkly smart lights.

Whether playing music from your computer or a live band, watch your lights dance the beat. Twinkly Music is compatible with all Twinkly lights.



Check out our posts on the magic of the Twinkly app and color ideas for outdoor summer lighting to get the most out of your Twinkly lights and the exclusive, customizable effects.