gaming lights

Create the ultimate gaming space

Create the perfect game room setup with app-controlled, smart lights that seamlessly sync to your gaming in real time. LED lighting displays add creative and functional layers to your experience with ultra-vibrant, high-tech effects that illuminate your space with the colors of your game.

Mappable Lights

Level up with exclusive technology

No matter how you position your gaming lights, the Twinkly app uses patented technology and your smartphone camera to locate each LED light in your display. It creates a virtual LED map that allows you to play and mirror precise effects and epic animations.


Twinkly transports you into the game

PC gamers can use the Twinkly Screen Mirror Tool for Windows to stream their live screen content onto Twinkly gaming lights. Mirror any window or the entire screen and personalize content with the user-friendly app.


The ultimate immersion

Twinkly gaming lights can be grouped to act as one giant display, turning your whole gaming area into a virtual universe, enveloping you in the on-screen atmosphere.

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