5 reasons why Twinkly offers the best decorative Christmas lights

5 reasons why Twinkly offers the best decorative Christmas lights

Discover the smartest, brightest, and merriest Christmas lights you’ll ever find

Can’t find the right Christmas lights? Maybe you aren’t sure where to start with all of the options available. But don’t be intimidated by smart LED holiday lights. You don’t have to be tech savvy to know how to use them, especially when the Twinkly app is so user-friendly. The results are endless magic and entertainment for all.

Don’t travel to see someone else’s Christmas lights display this year, design your own jaw-dropping light show with just your smart LED lights and your smartphone. With everything in your home connected -from your watch to your phone and your TV - why shouldn’t your Christmas lights be just as smart as your other electronics?

Twinkly LED Christmas lights offer the most exclusive smart features, delivering the ultimate in creative potential, versatility, quality and control. You will never look at outdoor Christmas lights the same again. The unprecedented animations and screen-like effects are all customizable. Forget gradients - with the right setup you can create everything from sparkling strobes to candy cane stripes that dance before your eyes.

Not only are they magical, but you will find it both relaxing and fun to play with and create your own effects. You’ll even find reasons to use them throughout the year. Twinkly lights create beautiful fairy light effects for outdoor and garden areas, add ambience to your indoor home décor, and sync with gameplay for the gamers in your life.

Whether you want to decorate your Christmas tree, home, or garden, Twinkly smart lights offer easy-to-use features that make them the perfect addition to your holiday decor. Here are five reasons why Twinkly LED lights are the best choice in Christmas lighting, bringing unmatched levels of festivity and holiday spirit to your home, inside and out.


1. The only Mappable Lights


Twinkly's patented mapping technology is a game-changer in the world of smart lights. All it requires is your smartphone camera and the Twinkly app to create a screen-like display that is far more dynamic and visually appealing than any other smart string lights. With Twinkly LED lights, you can design custom patterns and animations that are perfectly synchronized across your display.

No matter how you hang Twinkly lights, the Twinkly app will locate each LED and create a virtual map on your smartphone screen. From tree decorations to banisters, tables décor and even outdoor light decorations - like hedges, bushes and roofs - hang your Twinkly lights however you want. The app guides you through a quick and easy process. Just frame the display with your phone camera and watch the Twinkly app work its magic.

Once you have a map of your Twinkly Christmas tree lights, you can play and infinitely personalize effects. The closer the smart LEDs are placed together, the more screen-like the effects.


2. App-Controlled creativity and customization

One of the most unique features of Twinkly lights is the intuitive app control. Available for both iOS and Android, the Twinkly app gives you the power to customize your Christmas lighting display with ease. To start with, Twinkly lights can be installed using Bluetooth, which provides a direct connection with your phone for a fast and easy setup. After which, the LED lights operate on your local Wi-Fi. If you don’t have Wi-Fi in your home, you can use the built-in Wi-Fi in your device’s controller. 

After connecting and mapping your Christmas lights, check out the Effects Gallery for a wide array of patterns and animations preloaded into the app. Almost all presets can be completely personalized - adjust brightness, speed, and colors - ensuring your lighting display perfectly matches your festive vision. Download new effects from the Explore Section or design your own unique patterns and animations with the FX Wizard.

The Twinkly app puts limitless customization options at your fingertips for a truly personalized holiday experience. You can even create playlists of effects and set timers for automated Christmas lighting and even gaming lights. Twinkly lights are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, adding a new level of convenience to your smart home setup with hands-free voice control.


3. Grouping, mapping and group-mapping for bigger, better displays

Beyond grouping and syncing – which Twinkly lights also guarantee - only Twinkly smart lights can be mapped together. This allows you to map and control up to tens of thousands of LEDs as if they were one single smart lighting display. This level of coordination ensures that your entire installation shines as one for a breathtaking experience.

This can all be achieved with a few simple steps using the app. Group mapping works for installations of all sizes. From outdoor displays featuring Twinkly Icicle on your roofline, Curtain over windows and Strings over your bushes, to indoor displays grouping Candies Candles on your tree and Cluster over the fireplace - all your lights can play as if they were one. This is also a very simple solution for lighting your Christmas tree with multiple sets of string lights. By mapping them together, they shine like one set of lights.

Make sure to check out Twinkly’s selection of pre-lit trees, wreaths and garlands for premium quality faux decorations featuring plug and play designs that you can use year after year.


4. Extraordinary vibrancy with over 16 million colors

Are 16 million + colors a lot? Yes. And this is especially fun when you have full control of the shades and patterns of your Twinkly Christmas tree lights. And in addition to endless color play, Twinkly LED lights offer extraordinary vibrancy, allowing for incredibly dynamic and eye-catching displays. Whether you prefer classic holiday hues or more adventurous color schemes, Twinkly smart lights deliver exceptional brightness and clarity to illuminate your home and neighborhood.

Adjust brightness via the Twinkly app. You can command the intensity of your light displays and tailor them to any occasion or mood. Lower the intensity of indoor displays for quiet nights at home or turn up the bright for festivities and outdoor light shows.


5. Interactive experience with Twinkly Music

Have you ever seen Christmas lights dance to music? Twinkly smart lights take the holiday experience to a whole new level with Twinkly Music. This USB-powered sound sensor allows your Twinkly light display to dance in perfect rhythm to your favorite Christmas songs. Twinkly Music adds an extra, interactive layer of holiday joy and excitement to your Christmas decorations, both indoor and im Freien lighting for truly unforgettable holiday gatherings.