Twinkly LED gaming lights transport you into the digital realm

Twinkly LED gaming lights transport you into the digital realm

Create the perfect game room setup with reactive smart lighting

Design a space where you can sink into the experience of the game, play the hero and feel the energy bursting from the screen. Twinkly smart LED lights integrate and sync to your gaming, extending digital aesthetics beyond the screen and into your home setup and décor. Strategically placed gaming lights seamlessly react to your game’s content, changing colors and intensity to envelop you in the on-screen atmosphere.

Whether you’re a passionate gamer or a casual player, smart lighting helps you kick back or leap into the action, bringing the game to life. Let’s look at our favorite Twinkly LED gaming lights and how you can use them to make your gaming experience pop.

Lights on: Transform your gaming room

Build your gaming setup using Twinkly smart LED technology that shines in over 16 million colors. All Twinkly LED lights can be grouped together to act as one giant display, turning your whole gaming area into a virtual universe. When you’re not using Twinkly lights to play, they function as beautiful ambient and decorative lighting, offering infinitely customizable, app-controlled effects. They also integrate into your smart home via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.



Twinkly Matrix

Twinkly Matrix light curtain has the highest LED density in its class, allowing it to act like a screen for immersive and reactive live experiences. The ultra-vibrant, high-speed LEDs are precisely positioned for superior dynamic HD effects and fluid animations.

This next generation curtain sets up easily with no tangling thanks to the ready-to-use format and lightweight aluminum bars on each end. It comes in 2 sizes: Choose from square (1 x 1 m / 3.3 x 3.3 ft) or a wall-length rectangular display (0.5 x 2.4 m / 1.6 x 7.9 ft) for your highest LED density lighting setup. Hang Matrix above, next to or behind your monitor and mirror your screen to expand your gaming universe with vibrant dimension. 

Want to know more about Matrix? Read our blog post.

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Twinkly Squares

Twinkly Squares modular smart LED wall panels act like pixelated screens to flood your room with lighting effects that react to gaming in real time or, thanks to screen-mirror capabilities, become an extension of your monitor to put you in the game. Create the perfect Squares lighting display on an empty wall above or around your screen in your gaming room. Connect a master tile with up to 15 extension panels and arrange them in your desired layout. For larger displays, add another master tile and more extension panels. 

When you’re not gaming, these panels can display images, gifs and animated art for infinite pixelated creativity in home decoration.

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Twinkly Flex

Twinkly Flex is a flexible app-controlled LED tube that generates neon-like color effects and infuses any room with individuality and epic energy, perfect for smart LED lighting enthusiasts. The lightweight format can be bent into the shape of your favorite character or symbol for the ultimate personalization and artistic statement. You can even use Flex to create bias lighting around the profile of your monitor.  Secure your desired shape to the wall using the included mounting kit.

Whether displayed as dynamic wall art or backlighting, this app-controlled LED lighting display looks amazing as it adds a creative and functional layer to your experience with high-tech effects that reflect your in-game environment and mood.

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Twinkly Dots

Feel the emotion of every move with Dots, mini-LED string lights that add stunning dimension to any setup. The dot-shaped addressable LEDs are positioned on a flexible transparent wire. Thanks to the ultra-lightweight design and included adhesives, these app-controlled LED light strings can be used to decorate any area, both indoor and outdoor.

Wrap objects, frame décor, line your walls or backlight shelves with futuristic, peripheral glows. You can also reach new heights in digital immersion and use Dots as the light source in an LED cloud ceiling synced to your gameplay.

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Twinkly Line

Twinkly Line is a thin strip embedded with smart LEDs and features both adhesive and magnetic backing. Made for smooth, flat surfaces, Line is ideal for creating dynamic backlighting by framing desks, shelves and furniture in your home. Sync it to the vibrant animations and color effects of your game and cast all the colors of your virtual world onto your surroundings.

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Game time: Sync lights to your gameplay

Let’s look at our options for integrating your smart lights into your gaming to bring the action off the screen.


Twinkly Screen Mirror Tool

Screen Mirror Tool

PC gamers can use the Twinkly Screen Mirror Tool for Windows to stream their live screen content onto Twinkly lights for home decoration. Your devices shine in the same vibrant colors as your screen in real time. Of course, the quality of the reflected image will depend on the density of your LED positioning. LED light strips and tubes will mirror the colors, while canvas-like Matrix and Squares will show pixelated images.

With this app, you can choose to mirror the entire screen, a window or a small section. Exclusive and versatile features give you complete control over what the lights display: Crop selections, adjust brightness, contrast and saturation, and stream onto different devices at the same time. 


Razer Chroma™ RGB & OMEN Light Studio

Twinkly Razer Chroma - Omen Light Studio

Twinkly gaming lights integrate with all Razer Chroma™ RGB and Omen Light Studio enabled devices. These apps give you control of your Twinkly smart lights, allowing them to seamlessly react to your gameplay by changing color or pattern based on in-game actions. These programs sync with multiple Twinkly devices for a personalized experience.

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