Creative ways to use your Christmas lights year-round

Creative ways to use your Christmas lights year-round

Check out the most inspirational decoration ideas outside of Christmas
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Are you guilty of stashing away your Christmas lights as soon as the holiday season ends? It's time to break the habit and discover new ways to illuminate your home from January to November. When it comes to Twinkly, lights this spectacular shouldn’t spend 11 out of 12 months of the year in the dark.  

With a bit of creativity, you can keep the fairy lights alive throughout winter, summer and fall. From parties and festivities to everyday decoration, your Christmas lights can illuminate indoor and outdoor spaces (only if they are certified for outdoor use, of course) throughout the year, adding warmth and excitement to any occasion with custom smart features.  

Let your imagination shine bright as you find new and inventive ways to illuminate your world with twinkling lights! The best part of Twinkly smart LED lights is that no matter how you use them, you can map them to create screen-like displays to play the most unique and precise color patterns. 

Here are some creative ways to use your Christmas lights every day.


Wall light decoration

Transform a plain wall into a mesmerizing focal point in your home. Start by choosing a decorative fabric or tapestry in theme with your décor and fix it to the wall. There are different ways to do this depending on what you have available. We suggest using a hammer and nails or wall adhesive. This will give you the most flexibility when it’s time to attach the string lights. If you use a rod or frame, you will have space between the wall and the fabric, which may not hang straight with the lights on it. 

Choose the pattern to display your string lights. Whether it’s a spiral, a zigzag or anything else you can think of, build your luminous display by placing clear thumbtacks or adhesive clips in your chosen form. Tacks or pushpins will pass through the fabric and into the wall, while the adhesive clips will stick directly to the fabric (depending on the type of adhesive and the kind of fabric). Hang the lights on the tacks or hooks to create a captivating light display.

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Porch decoration

Create a magical, warm ambiance on your porch by adorning your ceiling with Twinkly Icicle lights. These lights ignite a sky of wonder in your outdoor space, setting a cozy atmosphere during the warm spring and summer months, ideal for gatherings or just sitting outside to relax.  

Start hanging light strings on the ceiling starting near the power outlet. If lights don’t reach, use an extension cord that is certified for outdoor use. If there are no beams to wrap lights around, drape lights from small metal or adhesive hooks. 

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Show your pride

Show your support and celebrate pride month in vibrant style by using your string lights to decorate your outdoor spaces. Twinkly String lights can be easily wrapped around and positioned on your pergola or porch support beams.  

Enjoy warm June nights outdoors with custom LED lighting displays that enhance the ambiance of your space and show off pride colors with style. Wrap your string lights closely to form pixelated, screen-like effects like in the picture. Set up your own playlist of pride shades and flags (available in the Twinkly app) to illuminate the night.

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Easter decoration

Bring joy and color to your home during the Easter season by using curtain lights for window decorations. Ultra-vibrant pastels instantly brighten up your space and set an upbeat mood for the occasion.  

From egg hunts to egg painting and spending time with loved ones, Twinkly Curtain light is the perfect decoration to make your Easter weekend shine. Use both indoors and outdoors to hang over windows, curtains or negative spaces on porches and patios.

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July 4th celebration

Deck out your yard and patio with patriotic flair for the Fourth of July. When the day’s celebrations are coming to an epic end with firework spectaculars, create your own dazzling show with festive lights that capture the spirit of the holiday with Twinkly’s screen-like curtain lighting display.  

These smart lights can display a flag, dancing stars, moving stripes and even sparkling fireworks. Hang them indoors over curtains or outdoors over windows and from porch and patio overhangs using hooks.

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LED light flower vase

Sprinkle your interior with touches of whimsy by swirling LED string lights like Twinkly Candies Pearls into a vase and around flowers, either real or artificial. These gorgeous accents can easily be set up in just a few minutes to enrich the ambiance of your space. 

Start by taking a clear vase and your choice of flowers or decorative objects inspired by the season. Items with metallic finishes maximize reflectivity and enhance dimensional lighting effects. Position the end of the lights at the bottom of the vase and then weave Candies throughout the vase and up into the flowers.

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