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Sledite, kako vaše luči plešejo na Twinkly Music, zvočni senzor s pogonom USB z zelo natančnim števcem BPM in pametnim mikrofonom, ki posluša in interpretira zvoke iz okolice v vašem prostoru ter sinhronizira vaše pametne luči Twinkly LED z vsako posneto ali živo glasbo ali zvoki, ki se predvajajo v okolici.


Product specifications

Product specs

  • Material Plastic

Product dimensions

  • Diameter cm 0.8
  • Height cm 2.7
  • Length cm 8.5


  • Color Black
  • Connectivity Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi
  • Operating range Max. 10m from sound source

Technical Specs

  • Input voltage USB 5Vcc, 2.5W max
  • Ip rating IP20
  • Lifespan Over 30,000 hour(s)


  • App controlled Twinkly App (iOS and Android)


  • Gross weight kg 0.4
  • Package height cm 3.5
  • Package length cm 13.0
  • Package width cm 8.5


  • Warranty 12 months
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