The magic of decorative smart lights for your child's room

The magic of decorative smart lights for your child's room

Discover LED string lights with a portable, USB-C powered design
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Decorating your child's bedroom can be both fun and challenging. The items you choose should spark creativity and imagination while also providing a comforting space for rest and play.

This is especially true when it comes to lighting options. It’s not easy to find decorative lighting that provides a whimsical, creative touch while remaining functional. Twinkly Candies, USB-C-powered smart string lights are the perfect accessory for achieving multifunctional and dreamy home decoration and they can be adjusted for creative color play at any moment. Candies decorative LED lights offer unparalleled versatility and customization options for your children’s room, infusing any space with light and wonder thanks to their extraordinary brightness and app-controlled animations and effects. With a premium design and beautiful shapes perfect for kids, they are a simple, stunning and creative solution for year-round decoration. The light strings can be hung just about anywhere for easy and fantastical aesthetics. The smart lights can be adjusted and changed at any time to fit the room’s unique color scheme or mood. Whether you're looking to create a magical space for your child's imagination or simply add a cozy glow to their room, Twinkly Candies are the perfect choice. 

Candies LED lights can be easily moved and repositioned as your child grows and the space transforms from nursery to bedroom. They can also accompany kids into adolescence and their teenage years as they cultivate a private retreat for studying and relaxing. Use them to decorate mirrors, hang pictures and illuminate spaces with their unique vibes. 

Ensure all lights and decorative elements are kept away from the reach of infants and small children.


Lightweight, hang-anywhere design

These sleek string lights can be hung anywhere thanks to their ultra-lightweight design. They are USB-C powered (power source not included) and can be connected to an adapter plug for a wall outlet (available at any electronic store), a power bank or a computer with a USB-C outlet. Candies lights can be strung along shelves, around picture frames or desks for bedroom lighting. They can even be secured to a headboard using transparent adhesive hooks. The same kind of hooks can be used to fix them to walls, bringing magical shapes and designs to life.  These string lights are available with transparent wire to seamlessly blend in with any décor, from pristine white to multicolor motifs.


Candies Stars & Hearts: LED light strings with magical shapes

One of the beautiful features of these smart lights is their imaginative shapes, each designed to evoke a sense of joy and wonder and elevate any space with playful elegance. The LED lights are encased in Stars and Hearts for children’s spaces: Candies Stars are magical for kids’ spaces, creating galaxies of wonder and Candies Hearts are sweet and cute, infusing the atmosphere with love and letting your child’s creative spirit shine.

Candies lights also come in the form of Candies Pearls for everyday home decoration and Candies Candles to for festive Christmas lighting.


User-friendly app features for endless color play

What truly sets Twinkly Candies apart is their unparalleled level of customization. Controlled via the user-friendly Twinkly app, Candies shine in a palette of over 16 million colors. Play with the effects gallery, filled with customizable animations that change instantly so you can set the perfect scene with just a tap of a finger. Try the FX wizard which lets children draw their own patterns on their lights using just their fingertips. Whether your child is a princess, one of the Avengers or anything in between, you’ll find a color scheme to meet their needs.

Before handing off the fun to your kids, take a few seconds to map your Candies so the animations play just like you see them on the screen. After you hang the lights and connect to the app, it asks to use your smartphone camera to memorize the position of your LEDs, no matter how you have positioned them. Mapping only takes a few seconds following the in-app instructions.Click here to read more about mapping your smart lights from the Twinkly help center.

If your child is young, supervise them while they use the app on your phone. If they have their own phone, you can permit them to modify the effects of the Candies themselves with their own username and limitations that you control. Click here to read more about User Roles and Installations, including all the details about levels of permission.


Function meets design: Customize a nightlight

Twinkly Candies can also be used as versatile nightlights, providing a soothing glow for bedtime. By adjusting the brightness and choosing calming colors, parents can create a serene atmosphere. Lights can be set to play a solid color or an ultra-slow-moving gradient, transforming bedtime into a magical experience.

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