Smartphone App


The heart of Twinkly

Full of unique features, our app gives you the power to apply and customize effects, design your very own, or draw them with your finger.

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Control Panel

Create the perfect ambience

This is where you control all your lights. Check the status of your devices, apply colors and effects, create playlists, and sync up with Twinkly Music.


Unleash your imagination

Create stunning effects in a matter of seconds thanks to this simple but powerful tool on the app. Just pinch, zoom, and rotate your lights on the screen and create unique effects and animations.

Unique layout

Map your lights

Our one-of-a-kind mapping feature is what gives your lights their magic. Just point your phone's camera at your lights, and the app does the rest.

Device List

All your lights in one place

Have more than one Twinkly device? Manage them all from the Device section of the app, sync them up, check whether they're on or off, and change effects.


Make your lights dance

Level up your lighting decorations with Twinkly Music.
A smart mic and cutting-edge algorithms interpret ambient sounds and music in real time, whether you're listening to classical music, techno, or a live gig.

Customer service

We are available 24/7 to answer your questions.

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