Twinkly Lights around a mirror

How to use string lights to create a cozy ambiance in any room

String lights are a great way to add some extra sparkle to your space. You can use them to outline items, like bookshelves or plants. They're perfect for adding a little extra light and brightness under cabinets or in dark corners. And they're so versatile you can use them all year long!

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LED string lights are a versatile way to light up any room of your home.

LED string lights are a versatile way to light up any room of your home. They provide a warm, cozy glow that can be used year-round and in many ways.

LED string lights are safe and low energy, which is why they are becoming more popular with homeowners looking to reduce their carbon footprint. They're also easy to install – you don't need any tools! The new trend is having them on throughout the year rather than just at Christmas time (which is why we call them "year-round").

Bookshelf with Twinkly Strings

String lights to outline items

String lights can be used to outline items in your home. If you have a mirror that needs some extra attention, string lights make for a great way to focus on it.

Likewise, if you have bookshelves or cabinets that need some illumination and styling, string lights are perfect for this task!

Twinkly LED lights around a mirror

Another way string lights can be used is to create an outline around windows or doors in your home. This creates a nice effect while also adding light into the room at night when turned on!

String Lights in a vase

Use a vase with a large opening. If you're looking to create an ambiance in your living room, dining room or even kitchen, then string lights are the perfect way to do it. For example, if you have an empty vase on display on your coffee table and want to use it as a decorative piece that also adds some warmth to the room, then simply add some branches into the container and place them inside so they can be seen through its glass walls. This will create an elegant look without taking up too much space in your home!

Twinkly Strings in a vase

If none of these options sound appealing for whatever reason (maybe because they were too expensive), there's always another option: using smaller vases instead! These are often less expensive because they're made out of plastic rather than glass so they won't break easily when dropped onto hard surfaces like wood floors or concrete sidewalks outside where kids might play during summer break from school while parents aren't paying attention.

Fairy lights make it easy to add some extra sparkle to your space

If you're looking to add some string lights to your space, but don't want to commit to hanging up a strand of fairy lights (or micro LEDs) are a great option. They're super easy to use and can be placed just about anywhere in your home – even in small spaces like terrariums!

Fairy lights

Use a variety of colors to create your own custom look

The colors you choose not only affect how others perceive your space, but they also contribute to its overall atmosphere. Whether you want to focus, celebrate or simply relax, creating your own unique color scheme is the most important step in decorating a room with light.

Twinkly FX Wizard

Twinkly lights like Strings and Cluster come in Multicolor and Gold & Silver edition, so they are perfect for any look. The Twinkly App allows you to choose from so many effects, gradients and animations that will match the theme of your party or event – you'll be able to create a custom look in no time! And with Twinkly's FX Wizard feature, you can even draw your own effects using the Twinkly App!


String lights are a great way to add some extra sparkle to your space. They can be used to outline items, create a vase or even outline furniture! If you're looking for something even more simple and easy, fairy lights or micro LEDs might be just what you need. With so many options available today, there's no excuse not to get creative with these little beauties!