Are Twinkly lights worth the price?

Are Twinkly lights worth the price?

Limitless magic, unparalleled performance. Meet Twinkly smart LED lights.

Advancements in technology have opened the door to unprecedented levels of connection and creativity. Not only are we more connected as users, but our devices are more connected to each other and to us. Twinkly LED lights are no different. Smart LED light technology has evolved leaps and bounds in recent years.  

The biggest innovation in recent years in decorative LED lights comes from Twinkly’s patented mapping technology combined with their ultra-vibrant LEDs that shine in over 16 million colors.  Thanks to this exclusive high-tech design, you can hang your Christmas lights, gaming lights, and all home decoration lights, however you want and have complete control over them as if they were screens. Customize colors, animations, and effects to match any decoration using just your smartphone.  

But are they worth the price? Twinkly lights’ unmatched features, versatility, and quality will completely change the way you view decorative home lighting, from Christmas to everyday moments. You’ll learn to expect only great things from your LEDs. 

Let's look at these exclusive features available only from Twinkly lights.


Unbelievably Smart

Mappable for unparalleled effects

Twinkly lights feature patented mapping technology. This essentially means that no matter how you hang Twinkly lights, the Twinkly app will use your smartphone camera to locate each LED and create a virtual map on your screen. The app guides you through the quick and easy process. All you have to do is frame the display with your phone camera. Twinkly does the rest. 

With this precise map of your LED lights, you can play preset effects from Twinkly, already in the app, browse and download new effects, or create your own with the FX Wizard. 

Almost all preset animations can be completely personalized. Adjust the speed and angle of the animation and completely change the color scheme. 

Linkable light ecosystem 

You can link any Twinkly lights together for incredible lighting displays that act like giant digital canvases. Using your smartphone camera and the app, lights can be mapped together to function as a single LED device. They can also be grouped and synchronized to play the same animations. Easily map together extra-large installations by recreating your real-life display on your screen with just a few taps on your phone.

Bluetooth & Wi-Fi connectivity

Twinkly lights come with the possibility to use Bluetooth during installation. This creates an instant direct connection with your phone for a fast and easy setup. After the initial phase, lights operate on your local Wi-Fi. If you don’t have home Wi-Fi, you can use the built-in Wi-Fi in the Twinkly device.  

Turning on the remote feature (located under settings in the app) allows you to turn your outdoor and indoor lights on and off from anywhere, as long are you are connected to a 4G or 5G mobile network.

Integrate with smart home systems

Twinkly lights integrate seamlessly with smart home systems Amazon Alexa and Google Home, adding a new level of convenience to your smart home setup. Turn lights on and off, control brightness, and change the dominant color of the current effect with hands-free voice control. Twinkly Squares is also compatible with Apple home kit.  

Twinkly also has an app for those who use Homey for their home lighting automation system.  

Watch lights dance to music  

Another amazing and unique feature of all Twinkly lights is that they can dance to music. All you need is Twinkly Music, a USB-A powered sound sensor that makes any Twinkly light audio-reactive. Twinkly Music not only adds extra festivity to your Christmas lighting, but it also gives a new layer of dimension to summer parties and gatherings year-round, both indoor and outdoor.


Incredibly versatile

A lighting design for every need

LED lights aren’t for just special occasions and Twinkly has a light for every decorating need thanks to a wide portfolio of products designed to fit into a single smart light ecosystem. Lights are available at various prices and in different materials depending on their intended use – from the traditionally styled Twinkly Strings and USB-C powered Candies light, to  flat LED strips and Flex neon-like tubes. All of them are packed with the same advanced technology, exclusive features, and high-quality LEDs. They can all be linked to each other and controlled as one large installation or as separate groups and devices. Create the setup that best suits your needs. Line flat LED light strips and Flex neon-like light tubes. All of them are packed with the same advanced technology, exclusive features, and high-quality LEDs. They can all be linked to each other and controlled as one large installation or as separate groups and devices. Create the setup that best suits your needs. 

So, whether you need backlighting for shelving or are looking to create the ultimate light wall art, you’ll find the smart light for you.

Year-round use

From decking the halls for the holidays with Christmas lighting to smartening up your home office with sleek accents and designing backyard installations for dreamy spring and summer nights spent outside, Twinkly lights can be incorporated into any home décor, inside and outside. You can even use these decorative lights in your daily routine. 

Gaming light integration

For those who love gaming, Twinkly smart LED lights seamlessly react to your live gaming content, changing colors and intensity with every move. Twinkly integrates with Razer Chroma and Omen Light Studio. You can also use the Twinkly Screen Mirror Tool for Windows and watch your smart lights envelop you in the on-screen atmosphere. 

Check out this article on choosing and integrating smart lights for your gaming room.

Twinkly gaming lights transport you into the digital realm


Highest Quality LED decoration

Extraordinary brightness and vibrancy

Twinkly’s exceptional quality LEDs shine in over 16 million colors with extraordinary vibrancy. They offer superior brightness and pure color effects to add custom dimension to any space.  Whether you're looking to create a cozy ambiance or make a bold creative statement, Twinkly lights offer a limitless spectrum of possibilities for creativity and illumination. You can also adjust brightness via the Twinkly app to ensure that you have full control over the intensity of your light displays and can tailor them to any occasion or mood.

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