Creating the perfect gaming room setup

Creating the perfect gaming room setup

Tips and inspiration on stuff every gamer needs to create the ultimate gaming space.

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Whether you’re a hardcore PC gamer, console gamer who plays on the weekends, or a bit of both, the ultimate gaming experience is more than just your favorite actions on the screen. It’s about creating the ideal mood with reactive lighting, maintaining comfortable posture throughout hours of gaming, and adding gadgets and accessories that let you seamlessly game for hours on end. 

Planning out your space

When singling out where exactly in your house you’re going to set up your gaming room, make sure to consider the space you’ll need for all your gaming gear. How big of a room do you have, and how much room will everything take up? 

 Study Room

A smaller gaming room will feel cozier and less cramped and will do for casual gamers or console gamers, whereas if you use multiple screens, play with friends, and want to have more of a chill, hang-out friendly space, you’ll want a larger area. So decide whether a walk-in closet or the corner of your living room is enough, otherwise you might have to clear some space out in the garage or in another room in the house.  

Super soundproofing

Creating a gaming space that’s as noise-free as possible depends on various factors: how loud you like to ramp up your speakers, how much yelling you do when gaming, and if you live in a home with lots of background noises, outside noises, or traffic.

Gaming room soundproofing

Start by hanging big, thick curtains on windows (you can even find soundproofing curtains for extra insulation), use plush rugs and carpets on the floor, and use door seals. Another way to eliminate background and ambient noise is to shield hard surfaces as much as possible. This could mean throwing blankets on tables and desks and covering walls with big tapestries or pieces of artwork.

Another way to reduce background noise is to use sound-reducing foam insulation. Acoustic panels can be glued or stuck to the walls and ceilings of your room and can even become cool decorative elements if you buy them in various shapes and colors.

Choosing comfortable seating

When setting up your gaming room, a comfy chair might not be the first priority that jumps to your mind, but it should be. The ultimate gaming chair has your backside and your back in mind, with all those hours spent sitting during your sessions.

Gaming room chair

When searching for the right gaming chair for you, keep in mind that it should be ergonomic so as to provide the right spine support, and sturdy so as not to topple over when jumping around or out of your seat during intense plays. And while most seating for gamers, especially racing-style gaming chairs, aren’t the kind of ultra-stylish chairs you might find in a living room, it’s because they’re created with high backrests that give your frame more support and require you to keep your posture straight without hunching over. 

So, decide on your gaming chair budget with all these factors in mind, and remember not to make cuts or compromise on comfort so ultimately don’t just pay for it later with back pain.

Adding ambience & reactive lighting

RGB lights – which is an acronym for “red, green and blue” LEDs that combined give off over 16 million colors – are all the rage when it comes to PC gaming setups. You’ll definitely want to incorporate these lights to take your gaming to the next level. 

Gaming Room

There are lots of ways to add reactive lighting. For starters, you can go with bias lighting around the profile of your TV or monitor to create indirect backlighting that gives you a nice glow without straining your eyes. Lights like Twinkly Line, Twinkly Dots and Twinkly Flex are perfect for this purpose, and thanks to the Twinkly App you don’t even have to worry about choosing a color theme as you can change up the colors of your LEDs whenever the mood strikes.  

Reactive lighting is another way to truly feel like you’re part of the gaming action. Imagine each play corresponding to a bright effect, a pop, a splash or a wave of color. A way you can get the immersive gaming experience is with Twinkly Music, which listens to and picks up ambient sounds in the background while you’re playing and replicates those effects on your lights. 

Accessorizing your gaming room

Health, safety and hygiene are also super important when gaming. 

Like when you come out of your gaming tunnel and realize you’ve been playing for hours without realizing it, you’re parched and starving, but the kitchen’s too far away as you’re still in the thick of it. That’s why a gamer must-have is a mini fridge right under your gaming desk or just an arm’s reach away, so you don’t have to look away from the screen to grab soft drinks, beers, sandwiches and more. Hydrate and stay nourished out there but make it easy. 

Another accessory essential is wire organizers and cable managers to keep all the cords on your gaming gear tidy and off the ground, which means no tripping hazards, either.

Air purifier

And last but not least, a portable air purifier is a surefire way to make sure that you’re breathing clean air even when closed away for hours in front of your gaming gear, especially if you’re a smoker or have pets. And to prevent dust buildup, a dust filter is also a way to make sure the gaming gear you so heavily invested in stays in top shape over time.

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