outdoor lighting

Bring the light and the magic outdoors

App-controlled smart lights transform your outdoor spaces year-round with infinitely customizable color effects and animations. Whether you're decorating for events and gatherings or illuminating your home for seasonal festivities, Twinkly LED lights create an atmosphere that is purely magical.

Strings (Multicolor edition)
Strings (Multicolor edition)
Sale priceFrom $69.99
Dots (Multicolor edition)
Dots (Multicolor edition)
Sale priceFrom $49.99

Mappable Lights

Discover the magic of mapping

No matter how you position your outdoor lights, the Twinkly app uses patented technology and your smartphone camera to locate each LED light in your display. It creates a virtual LED map that allows you to play precise effects and incredible animations.


Make your garden glow

Illuminate your yard and garden space with captivating effects by stringing LED lights over greenery, wrapping them around trees or positioning them along fencing.


Sync lights to music

Watch lights dance to sounds in real time with Twinkly Music. The USB dongle features a highly accurate BPM counter and a smart microphone that seamlessly synchronizes lights to music.

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