The maximalist's guide to Twinkly lights

The maximalist's guide to Twinkly lights

4 essential elements for eclectic and harmonious interior lighting

More is always more when it comes to maximalist design. The more creativity, style, joy, and comfort in your home, the more you enjoy your space. Lighting is an essential element of maximalist design. It breathes life into a room and when included in dramatic interiors, it enhances every corner of your décor. Smart LED lighting can be used to create bold effects while maintaining balance, resulting in a space that is both functional and welcoming. After all, maximalism doesn’t mean clutter; home decoration should always evoke sensations of comfort and calm.


The basics of maximalism and lighting

Personalization is the most important concept of maximalist interiors. Everything should fit your taste while coming together in a perfectly cohesive way. Over-the-top layers, patterns and colors unite with your smart lighting for a perfectly curated and ultimately unique representation of your style.  

Maximalist spaces often choose color palettes or overarching themes to tie it all together. These connecting elements help avoid chaos. Smart LED lighting fits perfectly into any theme by giving users the possibility to choose from over 16 million colors and infinitely customizable patterns to display.

Twinkly lights can be used as statement pieces for displaying artistic passion or as color filters that brighten and add layers of curated drama to the room. Lighting is not only functional and decorative, but it can also be a conversation piece when highlighted. Twinkly offers the only LED smart lights that can be mapped using your smartphone camera and the app, allowing you to play specific patterns and animations on your lights no matter how you position them.  

When using multiple lights, it doesn’t matter where you place them or which lights you install, the app can map them together to act as one single LED device or sync them to play the same effects at the same time. Read more on the exclusive features available only from the Twinkly App.

Let's look at the various ways Twinkly lights cater to the maximalist’s heart.


Layered lighting: The foundation of maximalist aesthetics

The principle of layering is essential to maximalism and Twinkly lights are the perfect tool for adding depth and dimension to any space. Strategically placing lights at different levels lets you play with shadows, glows, and colors to make a room feel alive. Craft a space that feels both enchanted and electric.  

Twinkly Line smart LEDs strips create instant layering with unparalleled ease thanks to adhesive and magnetic backing. These LED light strips provide stunning backlighting and underlighting effects on furniture and shelving. Secure them under the sofa, on the back or underside of tables and cabinets to maximize depth. Click here for more ideas on how to add layers to your space with Twinkly Line.

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Twinkly Dots features pill-shaped addressable LEDs positioned on a flexible transparent wire. Thanks to the ultra-lightweight design and included adhesives, they can be used to layer any area with creative lighting. Dots can effortlessly accentuate architectural accents and shine light on wall molding. You can also line wall and floor corners, then play with colors, effects and brightness to see which best fits into your interior design.

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Colorful patterns: Embellish your space a dance of light

What makes Twinkly lights a must-have in a maximalist’s home is their ability to create complex, dynamic patterns of color. With the Twinkly app, users can design animated displays that catch the eye and spark the imagination. Whether it’s a cascade of rainbow hues flowing down a wall or a symphony of warm tones that set a room aglow, these lights offer infinite choices to those who find joy in color illumination. Customize patterns and program playlists of effects for an environment is never static, but rather a live canvas that reflects your passions and dreams.

Twinkly Squares, modular smart LED light panels are the ultimate maximalist wall decoration. Build and program these pixelated screens to play customizable effects and animated art or upload gifs and draw your own designs to match your color theme or provide the perfect contrast for your décor. Read more on how to decorate your home with Twinkly Squares. 


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Twinkly Flex neon-like LED light tube gives a maximalist interior a vibrant designer touch patterned color effects. Bend it into any form for maximum personalization and an artistic statement. Once installed, you can control each LED with easy-to-use app and play amazing colorful effects, dynamic animations and custom patterns.

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Themed lighting display: A narrative in light

Maximalism often tells a story, with each element of a room adding to the narrative. Twinkly lights bring the power of thematic lighting to the forefront, allowing for displays that can transport you to different worlds. Imagine turning your living space into an underwater oasis, with blues and greens undulating across the ceiling, or a cosmic display that conjures nights under the stars. Twinkly lights offer a way to immerse yourself fully in whatever tale you wish to tell.

Twinkly Matrix high-density app-controlled LED curtain adds an instant layer of magic and technology to your wall décor with a hang-and-play design. Easy to install and to use, it plays personalized animations and themes. Like all Twinkly lights, it works seamlessly with the Twinkly Screen Mirror Tool for Windows. Mirror your entire screen, a window or a small selection onto Matrix to display any video in theme with your decor. Read about the exclusive features of Matrix here.

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Holiday decoration: Celebrating the maximalist way

Holidays are the time when a maximalist can really shine, and Twinkly lights are the showpiece of holiday decor. Twinkly allows you to design an orchestrated display of holiday spirit that could make the North Pole look understated. Transform Christmas decoration into an art form with app-controlled effects that fit perfectly with your holiday color theme. App control also gives you the possibility to remix your space with light, color, and motion at any time, making celebrations more dynamic, vibrant and memorable.

Twinkly string lights are the best choice for lighting your Christmas tree. Wrap them in densely placed LEDs and watch your tree turn into a screen-like display that takes center stage in your holiday décor.

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Twinkly Icicle lights are the perfect touch for a maximalist. Don’t be afraid to hang them on railings, banisters, along ceiling borders or from tall shelves. They sync perfectly with your Christmas tree for a shining and cohesive display.

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Twinkly Curtain hangs beautifully over windows and walls for luminous and embellished beauty. The LEDs become a canvas to let your ideas shine. Layer Curtains on top of one another to increase density and the screen-like effect.  

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Click here for more ideas on how to decorate your home for Christmas with Twinkly. 

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