Design the ultimate outdoor lighting with Twinkly Strings

Design the ultimate outdoor lighting with Twinkly Strings

Brighten up summer outdoor nights for any occasion with app-controlled LED string lights

Summer is synonymous with long days and time spent outside. The best way to enjoy your summer evenings is to create an inviting outdoor space that suits your style. And an essential part of your decoration and atmosphere is lighting. Twinkly Strings, smart LED lights offer endless, amazing ways to illuminate your outdoor space, giving you the power to shape magical summer moments and memories. From backyard parties to intimate dinners and cozy evenings outside, these app-controlled string lights can be customized to create the perfect lighting decoration for any occasion.

The easy-to-use app puts the power of infinite color effects and animations in the palm of your hand. The limitless possibilities will have you hypnotized, whether you’re a tech enthusiast or someone who simply loves to add ambiance and style to your surroundings. Even kids can have fun changing color schemes and designing their own from scratch by drawing on the smartphone screen with their finger. Twinkly String lights are the perfect blend of functionality, beauty, and innovation. Let’s take a look at what they do, why they’re such a versatile choice and how you can use them during the summer months.


Introduction to Twinkly String lights

Twinkly string lights are smart, app-controlled string lights that display an unprecedented array of effects. The LED light bulbs shine with extraordinary brightness and color vibrancy in over 16 million colors. Only Twinkly lights can be mapped and individually controlled no matter how you position them. Just hang them however you want, connect them to the app following the included instructions and map them. The Twinkly app guides you through this simple process, activating your smartphone camera and asking you to frame your setup on the screen. The lights do all the work and after a few seconds, a virtual map of all the LEDs will appear on your screen and your effects will play in perfectly coordinated patterns, gradients and animations. The denser your LED layout is, the more your string lights will act like a screen.

If you have multiple string lights, you can group and map them together using the Twinkly app and they will act as one single set of lights. If they are positioned farther apart, you can group and synchronize them to play the same effects at the same time. For more on the exclusive features of the Twinkly app, check out this blog on exclusive features available only from the Twinkly app.

Light strings can be used both indoors and outdoors and they are perfect for all occasions, from Christmas lights, garden lights, to everyday decoration. Find the perfect size for any area, from balconies, patios and terraces to large backyard spaces, with sizes that range from 100 LED (8m /26ft) to 600 LED (48m/157ft).

Twinkly string lights can also be instantly transformed into bigger, brighter lights for outdoors with Twinkly Mini Caps,  bulb-shaped covers for your LED lights. With a 1.5cm diameter, they magnify light diffusion and give string lights a new look.


Benefits of using string lights for summer

Through there are plenty of options when it comes to outdoor lights, string lights are no doubt one of the most versatile choices. The same lights you use to decorate your home for the holidays can be used throughout the warm months to add breathtaking dimension for outdoor enjoyment. They are perfect to brighten and decorate any outdoor space. Wrap them around deck railings and on pergolas and porches. Place them along fences or from tree to tree. If you don’t have anywhere to hang them, they can be secured to poles for dreamy overhead lighting. Check out our step-by-step guide for ideas and guidance on how to easily transform your space into a shining summer retreat.

LED lights are also the most energy-efficient choice for decorating. Click here to read more about why LED technology is the greener choice.


Customize Twinkly string lights for different occasions in summer

Twinkly string lights bring unique emotion to any setting with effortlessly customizable ambient effects and animations that can be adjusted at any time, with the swipe of an app. You can control the color, intensity, and pattern of the lights. Whether you're celebrating the Fourth of July with red, white, and blue lights, hosting a birthday party with vibrant, dynamic colors, or setting a more subdued, twinkling fairy light scene for an evening soiree, Twinkly lights can be adapted to fit the occasion perfectly.

From a subtle, steady glow to a dynamic light show, Twinkly lights offer endless possibilities. On quiet summer evenings, use Twinkly string lights to enhance relaxation and tranquility. Select gentle, soothing colors and subtle effects to create a peaceful retreat where you can unwind and enjoy the beauty of the night sky.


User Experience and Testimonial

Some users of Strings have left feedback on to share their experience with using Twinkly string lights year-round.

User Home_heart_electrical gave Strings 5 out of 5 stars, writing:
“Great product but better service 
What a great product only bettered by the customer service who are amazing. I bought two sets and installed them into a ceiling, they look great. They work really well and are easy to set up.”

User Trotorusalso gave 5 out of 5 stars and wrote:
“LED solution with multiple usability
Innovative lighting solution that allows you to enhance the traditional light systems to Wi-Fi app control for your lights. Christmas, Halloween...whatever [occasion,] this LED lights string will help you [create] a superb setup controlled by Wi-Fi. [It] allows you to download different light [effects] and some of them for specific celebrations such Christmas, Halloween, thanksgiving...Also you can edit your own [effect] with a name...colors...The Twinkly app is easily usable and from there you can connect to your system and perform whatever you can connect also to other family sets as well with a music accessory with pairs the sound and light rhythms. I’m so happy with this solution which I have been using for a couple of years now...the app is regularly updated with new [effects]...It can be also triggered by Alexa, google, Apple...”

User Runyan50 gave 5 out of 5 stars and wrote:
“Great lights for any time of year  
This is my 4th set of Twinklies and we truly enjoy them. We now leave the deck lights up until spring for Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day and Easter. They are a joy and help with Minnesota’s dark winter days. We’ve had one power supply go bad and Twinkly replaced it promptly. Not one light has failed over 4 years.” 

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